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Product Description

Warpaint is a 100% coconut charcoal tooth polish. It's black, it's messy, but after you're done you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face. This grimy little powder will whiten and polish your teeth with activated coconut shell charcoal. It'll strengthen your gums, remove toxins from your mouth, absorb heavy metals and remineralize your enamel with bentonite clay - and the organic sweet orange peel helps remove those stubborn coffee stains. It even includes organic peppermint to reduce infections and inflammation, and a dash of organic lemon myrtle to arm you against bacteria and boost your immune system. Plus, it'll keep you smelling fresh and zesty.

Product Details
  • ColorsBlack
  • Materials
  • Measurements
    2.83"L x 2.83"W x 1.18"H
  • OriginAustralia

— 1 Tub = Approx. 150 Uses
— Activated Black Coconut Shell Charcoal
— Organic Peppermint + Citrus Zest

To Use:
Dip Your Wet Clean Toothbrush Into the Powder, Brush in Small Gentle Circles for 2-3 Minutes, Spit Carefully and Rinse Really Well

Do you use this instead of toothpaste?Is this toothpaste?

Some people have chosen to replace their commercial toothpaste with WARPAINT altogether. We suggest that if you use both, use WARPAINT first, followed by your commercial toothpaste.

How easy or difficult is it to get all the black powder particulates out of teeth?

It is very easy. We suggest using WARPAINT first, followed by your commercial toothpaste. This will help to get rid of any residue that could be left near your gums. This will not make WARPAINT less effective, as it is the brushing motion for 2-3 minutes where the cleansing occurs and the stains are lifted. Flossing is also super important for oral health and it is a handy tool if there are any stubborn black bit between the teeth.

What about crowns, will it cause harm to them?

WARPAINT has been tested by an Independent Lab and proven to be completely safe for your enamel. Thousands of our customers have also reported that WARPAINT works great on dental work, including crowns. It is the safest way to whiten and deeply clean. However, it also depends on the quality of the dental work/crown. If you are concerned try WARPAINT on a little spot first to make sure or check with your dentist.

Is this safe for braces?

As with any whitening process, it is best to wait until the braces come off because it won't whiten underneath the brackets. As soon as the braces come off WARPAINT will be the safest and most effective way for deep cleansing and whitening without causing any harm to your new teeth.

Does it make your teeth sensitive?

No, it does not. In fact, WARPAINT is great for people with sensitive teeth. It uses the finest medical grade activated coconut shell charcoal that is non-abrasive & non-irritating. WARPAINT has also been independently examined by Missouri Analytical Laboratories and confirmed to be completely safe for your enamel.

Pro tip: Always use a soft bristle toothbrush

What are the ingredients?

WARPAINT Natural Teeth Whitener is made up of FIVE carefully selected 100% natural ingredients including very fine Medical Grade Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal; Calcium Clay; Organic Sweet Orange Peel; Organic Peppermint; Organic Lemon Myrtle.

Does it work well with an electric toothbrush?

Yes, WARPAINT Natural Teeth Whitener works well with an electric toothbrush. Keep in mind it is a black powder and over time the bristles will discolor.

Does your product irritates on a cavity area?

If you have a cavity, it is important to go to your Dentist and get it repaired.

WARPAINT can certainly help in preventing any plaque build-up and cavities going forward.

Will your teeth become black while brushing your teeth?

WARPAINT is a pitch-black powder, so yes it will make your whole mouth black while you are brushing! (It's messy to start, but makes brushing super fun!)

How long does it take to whiten teeth?

We are all different, some of our customers notice an immediate improvement, especially when teeth are discolored, and for others, it is more of a gradual process. Use it at least once daily for the first 3 weeks for best results, make sure you take before & after pics so you really notice the difference.

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