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Germ Defender

Germ Defender

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Product Description

Germ Defender was designed to make sanitizing rooms easy and accessible by delivering a powerful punch to unwanted contaminants such as allergens, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, odors, and more.

Polar Ionization technology splits water vapor into a natural balance of 60 million positive hydrogen and negative oxygen ions every second. These ions are propelled through the air by a built-in fan to effectively and safely neutralize pollutants and odors in the air, as well as any germs on surfaces like the door knob, counters, and floors, before turning back into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. Active purification means Germ Defender doesn't have to suck air through a filter in order to have an effect. You can rely on Germ Defender to provide protection even as new contaminating events occur.

The Germ Defender was engineered to provide cutting edge purification and surface sanitization using only 2 watts of energy. This powerful purifier was sustainably designed with no replacement parts, no filter waste, and no ozone production. The extremely compact, cordless design even helps save space. Simply plug it directly into the outlet in any room where you want to breathe fresh, clean air and enjoy surfaces with far fewer germs.

Product Details
  • ColorsWhite
  • Materials
  • Measurements
    1.5"L x 4"W x 6.5"H
  • OriginUnited States

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year Limited
— Active Air & Surfaces Sanitation
— Ideal For Bathrooms & Small Bedrooms
— Coverage Estimate: 100 sq. ft.
— Proprietary Hypoallergenic Air® Polar Ionization Technology
— Polar Ionization: 60 million/cm³ Output
— Purifies Air Of Odors, PM2.5, Allergens, Mold, Mycotoxins, Bacteria, Viruses, & VOCs
— No Chemicals, No Deodorizers, No Ozone
— Removes Static Electricity
— Built-in Nightlight
— Compact Design
— Plugs Directly Into The Outlet (110V/220V)
— Compatible With US Type-A Outlets
— Energy Efficient: Uses 2 Watts, Less Than A Light Bulb
— No Replacement Parts
— Includes Optional, Hand Washable Carbon Filter (Black Sponge)
— Zero Ozone: Intertek Tested, 8 Hour TWA Ozone Is 0.000 ppmv When Tested In A 105.94 ft³ Chamber
— CARB Certified

Can the nightlight be shut off?

Yes, the nightlight can be shut off.

How long does it last after you plug it in?

The unit can be run 24/7 and starts inhibiting mold soon after you plug it in; for best protection, it should be left running as much as possible.

Does it affect pets and animals?

This unit is safe for pets and animals.

Is it safe for kids rooms?

Yes, this unit is safe for kids rooms.

How long will this unit last? Is there any filter to change?

There is no filter to replace, but it does have a washable filter that can be cleaned with mild soap and water on a monthly basis if desired.

Will it sanitize knobs, switches, inside the cabinet and so forth or is it exposed items only sanitized?

Sanitization happens more quickly and thoroughly with little or no impediments to airflow, however, if the unit runs continually, items exposed to air within the cabinet can be sanitized if the cabinet is not sealed tightly.

How long does the unit last?

The unit should last over 5 years with no replacement parts.

Will it still work on an outlet mounted sideways?

Yes, the Germ Defender will still work mounted sideways or upside-down.

Is ozone omitted?

No, this unit does not emit any ozone.

Is it safe to use in the kitchen?

Yes, the Germ Defender only produces naturally occurring oxygen and hydrogen ions, the same kinds of ions found naturally outdoors. The Germ Defender is also zero ozone producing and CARB certified.

Will this work with 220v?

Yes, this unit is compatible with international voltage 110v/220v. Only the plug (US plug is provided) may require an adapter to fit your country's plug configuration.

How big of a space will it sanitize?

This unit is sized for spaces 100 ft2 or smaller.

How does it stop viruses?

The Germ Defender has been tested to neutralize viruses in the environment. Please visit www.hypoair.com for full studies and much more technical information. The Germ Defender was recently tested to kill 94%+ of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) on a surface outside of the purifier in just 1 hour. It does this through natural polar ionization that is able to steal hydrogen from the protein spikes of the virus and other mechanisms.

What about rooms larger than 100 square feet? Can two or more be used in the same room?

Yes, multiple units can be used in the same space.

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